World’s best and most expensive cameras

World's best and most expensive cameras

If you have ever wished to own a DSLR, the first thing that probably popped up in your mind must have been the fact whether you would be able to afford one or not. Lately, we have seen tons of DSLRs enter the Indian imaging market. There are hundreds of them out there with a varying price bandwidth. The cheapest DSLRs in India wouldn’t cost you more than 15 grands. If you are simply looking for the most basic shooter you might even find one for less than 12 grands. As is the case with cheap DSLRs, they have a pretty small sensor and cannot compose low light shots that well. Even more so, they fail to capture the transition of lights the way they are visible to the human eyes. In fact, the pictures they capture aren’t anything close to what human eyes can see. Photographers or hobbyists who spend a substantial amount of money on a camera, are very well aware of the aforementioned facts, which is the reason they are willing to spend thousands on a camera. While professionals can conveniently get their hands on the most sophisticated piece of photography technology, hobbyists are constrained to their savings which they keep on shelling to own expensive lenses, filters, and tripods. While most of us, who are not the close cousin to Bruce Wayne, can very well agree to the fact that photography is an expensive affair for a hobby we also cannot deny that photography offers an altogether a different experience. To all the amateurs and hobbyists out there who have set a financial goal to get their hands on their favorite piece of imaging innovation, I have something very special for you today. Today I will introduce you to the most expensive DSLRs and mirrorless cameras in the world which can very well occupy the top slot on the list of the types of equipment you wish to own. For most of the amateurs, these photography innovations are merely a dream. They are not just expensive but are also not worth spending if all you wish to achieve are some needy likes on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s get started: Canon EOS-1Dx Mark II: Canon’s best Here are the specifications for Canon EOS-1Dx Mark II New 20.2MP CMOS full-frame sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus 14 fps continuous shooting (16 fps in live view) 200+ shot buffer with Raw+JPEG (CFast 2.0) 61-point AF system with 41 cross-type sensors and 24% more coverage 360,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor Native ISO from 100-51,200 (expandable to 50-409,600) 4K/60p video in DCI format (4096 x 2160 pixels) using Motion JPEG 1.62 million dot LCD touch screen Flicker detection CFast 2.0 card support USB 3.0 The specifications are simply impressive and sufficient to tell you what this camera offers but only if you can understand what the jibber-jabber mentioned above actually means. Let me make things less complicated for you folks. Canon EOS-1D x Mark II has a killer focus capability. It has a 61 AF points that never let you miss out on the focus. Not only is it sharp, it is also fast. The 1DX has a shooting speed of 14 frames per second. It sounds like a machine gun once you hit the shutter release button. It is also weather resistant and can survive literally any abuse mother nature can toss at it. It is used by professional photographers all over the globe and has been serving them well. So, let’s talk money. Canon EOS 1D X Mark II costs Rs. 4,78,999 in India and that’s just how much you pay for the body only. Better luck for your finances on purchasing a lens for this bad-ass camera. Have a look at the sample shot. Nikon D5: The best from the DSLR This is a close competitor to Canon EOS 1D X Mark II and several photographers already believe that it is better than Canon. Photographers of every genre have a liking for this advanced piece of tech. It is particularly favored by motorsport and wildlife photographers who wish to capture some raw action. Nikon D5 matches in price to Canon EOS 1DX Mark II. Have a look at the sample shots from the camera. Phase One XF 100 MP For Phase One XF I would like to start with the sample shot. Mesmerizing! Isn’t it?  Phase One XF is a camera that only world renowned photographers can actually afford. It serves their purpose of delivering the richest quality of pictures.  Just look at the rich details of the photographs. The 100 MP Phase One XF is a mirrorless camera and is certainly the best without any competition. It costs, hold on to your hats, approximately Rs. 33 lakh. It is not just expensive but simply not affordable unless you get paid extravagantly for your shots. Phase One FX is used by the best photographers in the industry. All those crispy looking flawless photographs you go through in a fashion or an automobile magazine are shot on this camera. It is truly a camera that is ahead of its time and sure it costs in a similar manner. Every picture this camera clicks are iconic. The looks this camera boasts are equally amazing. Well! You certainly let out a sigh of desperation after going through the price these cameras boasts. You don’t need to get all worked up and work extra hours to save and own these freakishly expensive photography gods. Remember, photography is not always about the gear that you have in hand but the perspective and the concept that is in your mind. An expensive gear makes things convenient and provides the desired quality but not even Phase One can help you out if you lack the will and enthusiasm of capturing the best shots.