Vacuum Pumps Affect Our Lives

With uses from manufacturing processes to Formula One race cars, vacuum pumps are utilized everywhere in our daily lives. A vacuum pump attaches to another component of a machine and sucks the air out of it creating a vacuum. While the most obvious example of this is a vacuum cleaner, there are many other places where a vacuum pump is vital. Here are a few examples.

Operating Room

The suction tools used in surgery need this pump to help the doctor see what he is doing. The busch vacuum pumps are installed to create the suction that comes through the hose. This would also be the case with the hoses used by dentists when they are working with a patient.

Race Cars

Vacuum pumps are an important component found under the hood of a race car. It sucks out the excess air produced by the combustion of fuel. It helps the vehicle perform better and move much faster than a standard automobile.

Waste Compactors

When you throw some trash in a compactor, the vacuum pump sucks the excess air from the open spaces so the articles squish together better. This makes the compactor more efficient and allows for more waste to be manipulated. The final garbage has to be disposed of less often with a well working pump.


When applying paint or a coating to another material such a metal or glass, the vacuum removes the air bubbles from the substance being sprayed so that it leaves an even layer on the surface. The final item looks sleek and shiny and is more durable without the evidence of spots or weak areas.

Light Bulbs

Bulb manufacturers use the pump to remove the oxygen from inside a bulb before they seal it. They will either leave it vacant or they will fill it with the appropriate gas that will make it light up.