Top 5 Best Software Development Software Companies in 2019

In the vast world of technology, Software Development companies started to emerge to boost companies to achieve their goals. These companies would mainly focus on giving their clients solutions that they need to address their challenges and eventually increase leverage at the same time save resources like energy and money.

It’s like giving a path that they need to take and a boost for them to run and keep on the direction the client is supposed to thread.

Leading businesses will not thrive if these Software Development Companies don’t exist. They serve as a blueprint and at the same time they give a bird’s eye view of the company’s status for them to address problems and innovate changes.

Here are the Top 5 Software Developing Companies in 2019:

1. BairesDev

This company started in 2009 with the goal of becoming the largest Software Outsourcing Services company in Latin America. Having talented bilingual engineers specialized in software development, drove technological innovation in the region.

The company expanded its operations to Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. In the year 2015, BairesDev was already receiving 145,000 candidate applications per year. Due to this exponential growth, they established various innovative hubs around the region, providing expert engineering talent and top-notch results for both small and large companies like Google, Rolls-Royce, Pinterest, IBM, Sirius XM, Motorola & Viacom.

BairesDev has been the fastest-growing software development company in Latin America. They have been very efficient in providing clients with specific teams for their projects, offering Dedicated Teams, Project-based models and Staff Augmentation services.

The company’s core values are:

Top Talent

Finding collaborators is not easy, and finding the best is almost impossible and time-consuming, BairesDev hires only the Top 1% IT talent in the market.


Learning is a never-ending process. With the talented people working at BairesDev, operational excellence is a guarantee. They ensure continuous process and system innovation working with the latest technologies in the market.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork is at the core of the company’s workflow, and BairesDev deeply relies on the collective talent of its collaborators.

Value Creation

BairesDev greatly prioritizes the client’s business drivers so they can exceed client expectations in terms of delivery and service.


People at BairesDev enjoy what they do and this passion leads them to continuously innovate and improve.


Client trust is very important and BairesDev fosters this to build a great relationship and workflow.

BairesDev’s three main pillars:

Top 1% IT talent

BairesDev hires engineers who are 100% bilingual. They only hire the Top 1% IT talent, working with software engineers with at least 8-years of experience. They have a very rigorous hiring process which guarantees working only with outstanding talent.

Solid Delivery

No matter the project or the challenges ahead, BairesDev delivers value, every time.

Time Zone Aligned

BairesDev’s software engineers are distributed all over the region so that they work in the same time zones as their international clients. This enables a real-time, more efficient communication process.

Reviews available online are proof that clients highly recommend BairesDev because of their Agile structure, innovative mindset and technological expertise. They can execute projects fast and they are extremely proactive and responsive at the same time, delivering high-quality work.


Ciklum is one of the top 5 best Software Development Companies in 2019. They grow businesses because they are experts in Technology. As what their page states, they offer “End to End Solution” to your company’s problem and is one of the best software development outsourcing services companies in 2019.

To help companies in their digital journeys, Ciklum provides capability on:

Application Development

Wherein they support businesses by using costumed applications that would fit clients’ needs. Some of these applications would include: E-Commerce Solutions, Mobile apps or IOS and Android, Enterprise Software, etc.

Research and Development

Taking the risk in trying to engage in innovation is high. Ciklum will lessen these presenting risks through examination of technical feasibilities, marketability and your products potential to scale up in the market.

Big Data Analytics

The ability of Ciklum to transform data forming a clearer business picture though interpretation using Data Acquisition and Recording, Extraction, Cleaning and Annotation, Integration, Aggregation and Representation, Modeling and Analysis and Interpretation.

Support Services

Time is very important in delivering service and problem solving. Ciklum can guarantee a timely delivery of technical support.

 QA & Software Testing

Shortening your time-to-market makes great impact in businesses. Ciklum can deliver that with better products at hand.

Internet of Things

The products’ need to succeed will be made simple by the company. Internet of things is complicated and it’s their ability to simplify these complex things.

3. Team International

Team International’s headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida, but its main operations are in Eastern Europe, and South America. They started in 1991, dealing with clients willing to avail outsourcing services which in turn were able to build long-term partnerships. They use world-class applications like Java/Open Source, Microsoft, Web and Mobile as platforms.

With its keen dedication to excellence, Team International has been awarded with IAOP’s “Global Outsourcing 100” 2011-2018 and Microsoft Certified Gold Partner Status. Agile development methodologies are also their expertise and wide array of Software Development Lifecycle.

Team International aims to improve the quality of life of the local community. This is the company’s social responsibility.

Their services would focus mainly on:

Software Development and Outsourcing

We are in the era of technology having rapid changes that will greatly affect the company’s success. That is Team International’s goal, for the client not to be left behind by innovative software that would address their company’s needs.

Automation Services

More companies opt to change in robotic services due to cost effectiveness leading to saving up to 90%. Many processes can be automated like in the field of Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology and Customer Service.

Software QA and Testing

This is the company’s way of safeguarding the brand of their clients by QA testing to ensure prevention of errors in the software, app, or cloud-based service.

Microsoft Services

Using Microsoft applications solution to challenges will be greatly addressed.

Data Analytics Service

Experts in data analysis and interpretation will help the company know the truths behind its operations.

Managed IT Services

Team international will do the job, leaving you with less concerns in IT maintenance and support tasks.

4. MentorMate

MentorMate have an interesting company history where they developed their first app to aid foreign students to learn foreign languages. They are currently 18 years in business with 1100+ projects completed and 320+ clients served.

With more than 1100+ projects delivered, they were able to address challenges in different industries like, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Industrial, Education, Finance, Health and Commerce. Half of the businesses they cover are mostly healthcare data securing large amounts of it for their clients.

One of the unique things that distinguishes them from their competitors is that they post most of their case studies on their site making the readers more interested in the services that they offer.

As their introduction would say, “We thrive on complexity”. This entails that their focus is to tackle clients seemingly unsolvable problems.

Their approach in problem solving is mainly discovery. They are hands on to the nitty gritty stuff to spare their clients off the dirty job of gathering data, ideation and consultation. If the company has no clear goals and is not sure of what they are supposed to do, MentorMate would be much willing to design solutions for their clients. These steps will act as blueprint on how they will go about with what they need.

5. Menlo

Menlo Technologies, mainly design systems for cloud, web and mobile. They’re known partners are Microsoft, Dell Boomi and Looker.

Menlo Technologies mainly work with this platform:


The company starts all projects they accept with a kick-off meeting mapping all the avenues that they need to focus on and the timeline of events that will transpire from the start of the project until the end of it. The roles of each individuals are critically mapped and the general game plan is discussed.

Quality First

Quality is needed from beginning to the end of each project. Menlo Technologies is very much keen in delivering quality processes to eventually produce quality results. The key to this is detecting errors before they can actually happen, or if an error has been detected, immediate resolving it will greatly affect time and can basically save the client’s budget.


Tracking is the key to sustainability. Menlo Technologies dedicate monthly tracking of product enhancements and defects. They render daily and weekly written reports to practice transparency in communication to eventually identify the project’s progress and to also increase accountability of those people involved in the project.

Measure Progress

Menlo will keep track of the project costs to make sure the client’s budget doesn’t exceed to what has been agreed.

Monitor Health and Status

The health of the project is monitored and real time feed are being posted in dashboards to reflect the status of the Project.