‘Tiny Trump’ Meme Is Taking Over The Internet And Making America Laugh Again

Tiny Trump is proof of a universally acknowledged truth that we need memes to retain our sanity. And thus, with every dose of ridiculousness this world catapults, the internet responds with a new form of meme. In these times of uncertainty — when I can’t get a drink with a friend without having to talk about the timeline of the potential of death in nuclear war — we need high-quality memes. But the internet almost always delivers when the demand is rising. So today, we bring unto you: Tiny Trump. Tiny Trump was created, according to Inverse, by Redditor theLAZYmd. The first image was posted on Thursday, February 16 by theLAZYmd, and it showed Donald Trump… but tiny.

It’s the simplicity that does it, really. Overly complicated memes often become far too self-referential to have full impact. That’s why Tiny Trump is so universally good.

Given Trump’s clear and apparent insecurity over the size of certain parts of him, this meme is especially effective and hilarious. Trump takes a lot of pride in himself, and he is, overall, a large man (although the relative size of his hands is up for debate). So this kind of simple mocking of his stature is sure to make him, like, really upset, you meanies! After all, this is the same guy who was annoyed that his press secretary was mocked… because it was done by a woman. One can only hope he’s exploring the sub.

[Source:-Elite Daily]