This #Tarkariwali from Nepal is breaking the internet; check out her photos


Remember the blue-eyed tea-seller, Arshad Khan from Pakistan, who had everyone’s attention on social media and off it for a little while? Well, there’s a new one on the block, only with a different name, profession, gender and country.

A Nepalese tarkarwali (that is what she is being referred to on social media) or vegetable seller is the latest internet sensation. A couple of candid photos of her, taken by a certain Rupchandra Maharjan, have gone viral on the internet, The Gundruk Post reported.

Arshad Khan’s career took a massive jump after the extensive media coverage the viral photos got him. He appeared on popular TV shows in Pakistan and even bagged a modelling project. Only time will tell if the Nepalese woman will meet a similar fate.

Here’s what users have to say:

मन शर्मा: Simple beautiful and hardworking #nepal #tarkariwali

Sayedzada Nabeel: #Tarkariwali is love <3

the VAIBHAV: Pakistani #Chaiwala can’t propose to Nepali #Tarkariwali because he has to go through India.

raja dhungana: Hope #chaiwala and #Tarkariwali help people understand and bring respect over their professions as well

Desi बन्दा: Some time back girls were drooling over #Chaiwala. It’s time now for guys to go gaga over amazingly beautiful #Nepali #Tarkariwali

Siddharth Upadhyay: #tarkariwali is really a complete beauty with accurate body, figure & physique. I think everyone would like to have girl like her. #nepali

Rahul Aarna: Beautiful creation from nepal…awesome ….It can not be said that those who are poor, they are not beautiful……#Tarkariwali

Sabyasachi Puhan: When both cuteness and hardwork goes together, it results in #Tarkariwali from Nepal. Social Media Fame Jindabaad.

Suman Pramanik: She is pretty #Tarkariwali Wishing her good luck 😛