These are the new emojis coming with Android 10 operating system update

Image credit: emojipedia
Now that Android 10 operating system is here, it is time to talk about the new emojis that Android users are getting as part of the new update. Emojipedia has released the changeling for the latest version of Android that includes both new emojis as well as redesigned emojis. To use the new emojis on Android 10 OS, users will need to ensure that they have the latest version of the Gboard app.
As per Emojipedia, there are 236 new emojis — 230 from the 2019 emoji list plus six minor flags from Emoji 1.0 appearing for the first time. Apart from the new, almost 800 existing emojis have undergone a redesign. Emojipedia notes that 300 of these changes are “made in the name of a more gender-neutral presentation.”

These gender neutral emojis are technically existing emojis only but now have a new design and now have a distinct appearance. “Prior to this update, many emojis which didn’t specify a gender would be displayed as either their equivalent Woman or Man emoji,” notes Emojipedia.

The person in the new gender neutral icon can be seen wearing an orange clothes whereas the women wear purple and men wear teal. However, for specific emojis such as a police officer or a vampire, the attire is in sync to the core element of the design.

As per Emojipedia, Google is now the only major vendor to follow unicode guidelines that state, “human-form emoji should normally be depicted in a gender-neutral way unless gender appearance is explicitly specified.”

As for the new emojis, there is an increased representation of the differently-abled, people holding hands and random shapes of different colours. There are total of 71 new hand-holding emoji designs. These 71 are variations on the basis of skin tones — representing interracial couples on Android. It makes use of man, woman and gender neutral icons. Other than that, users will find accessibility-orientated emojis, eight new animal emojis (including two accessibility-focused designs) and new flags in the update as well.