Social media is the root of most evil

It amazes me how many people have gotten riled up by fake news stories on social media.

Mainly because I’m guessing everyone at one time or another, clicked on a fake news story after looking at the headline.

What’s more amazing is the number of people who see the headline and believe it’s true without reading the story, or read the story and still believe it is true.

Our recently completed election cycle was a perfect example. Too many supporters on both sides were willing to “share” or “like” a fake news story just because it was negative to the candidate they didn’t care for.

Social media is evil.

Need more proof? Our president-elect openly uses Twitter. Now, I like this. I enjoy Twitter and can find out some great things using the social media platform.

But, Donald Trump needs to slow down on his use. A Happy New Year’s tweet calling opponents losers? Attacking actress Meryl Streep after the Golden Globes just because of her acceptance speech?

Was Streep out of line for what she said? No, especially because she never mentioned Trump by name. Not once.

Our president is supposed to be above such actions. Our president is expected to listen to criticism, thank the person for their perspective and move on. In other words, stay above the fray no matter what is going on.

As a presidential candidate, Trump didn’t do that. As president-elect, Trump hasn’t done that yet. Will he as president? I certainly hope so.

Social media has allowed everyone – no matter their physical attributes – to become a bully.

Personally, I go by the motto, “Don’t type something online you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.” I’m kind of a straight shooter, so I will say something to anyone if I feel strongly about it.

But cyber bullying and cyber cruelty have taken on a life as its own. People are fearless behind their keyboard and let the insults fly at an incredible rate. Teens have committed suicide due to cyber bullying.

It’s gotten that bad.

Yet, it’s also taken true emotion out of an equation. Without human interaction, how can a cyber bully know how much their words hurt? How will anyone convince them they’ve gone over a line?The scariest thing I’ve ever heard was when a cyber bully was told her victim killed herself, she laughed. When asked why, her reply was, “She shouldn’t have read what I said.” Not, “I shouldn’t have typed it” or “I’m so sorry.” Yep, it’s the victim’s fault for reading the bombardment of insults thrown at her.

Still don’t think social media is evil?

Terrorists are using social media to recruit teenagers to their cause. Racial hate groups gather to plot or plan attacks against people of a different race or nationality or religion. Misguided youth learn how to make pipe bombs to plant at school.

Now, social media can be wonderful in many ways, but I can’t help but see the division in our nation in just the last 10 years. I’ve never seen a more bitter election. I’ve watched in horror at so many acts of violence. I’ve prayed for friends whose child committed suicide after a brutal cyber bullying attack.

We used to want our children to stay home and stay safe. Now, even home isn’t safe because social media is everywhere – computers, tablets, cell phones – anyone can tell anyone else an insult at any time of day.

Know what the worst part is? A viral video on the Internet featuring puppies or kittens will always get watched more times than a video from a teen pleading for help.


Oh, and while I’m on the subject, when did a generation start believing everything they do in life needs to be on a social media account? Does anyone really follow anyone else just to find out what they’re eating or doing at all times? I don’t care what John Doe is eating, so Doe, leave the food off of Twitter.

People are willing to spill everything about themselves online and, get this, it’s often what starts cyber bullying.

Comedians like to joke the Internet is just about porn. Isn’t that the point I was trying to make? The Internet and social media are the root of most evil on our planet.

So, to watch the Internet world and social media go ballistic, here’s a few opinions I want to share: Donald Trump will be a better president than Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger were governors, but that isn’t saying much; social media sites need to eliminate fake news stories completely; political parties need to change their ways to eliminate the hate and vile thrown during elections; hold meaningful conversations in person, not over the Internet; cyber bullies are cowards; if you want facts and unbiased news, read a newspaper; and finally, cat and dog videos on the Internet are cute and should never be taken down.

So, anyone who wants to let me have it on social media, go ahead. Want to talk to me in person? Even better. I’ll know the difference between the two.

[Source:-Daily Globe]