Shiv Sena man must be given etiquette lessons

The woman traffic constable, who was slapped and beaten up by Shiv Sena leader, wants the accused to be given lessons on responsible driving and how to behave. Shashikanth Kalgude, who was granted bail, but was rearrested under section 110 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, and is now behind bars.

Thursday’s incident has once again raised the questions on safety of women in Thane. Many Thankeras, especially youngsters, took to the social media to vent their anger towards the incident. Some even circulated the video on WhatsApp. The incident took place in broad daylight on the main junction of Teen Haath Naka, where the woman constable was manning the traffic.

A Thanekar, Ishita Kamraj, said, “The incident is shocking more so because no one came ahead to help the woman constable. We, as residents, feel that if a woman cop can be beaten in the middle of the road what about the common woman? The authorities [police] should teach etiquette lessons to the accused so that he fears before raising hands on other women or even a man.”

Another woman resident, requesting anonymity, said, “The traffic woman cop was doing her duty. She was right in asking the accused to stop his four-wheeler as he was talking on his mobile phone while driving. But the man wanted to show his power and so he got down of the car and started brutally slapping her.”

Additional police inspector from Thane Nagar police station, Shraddha Waydande, said, “It’s shocking that no one came to save the woman constable who was fighting all alone. I have seen people coming to the rescue of woman, but in this case no one came ahead. The woman constable tried her best to defend herself, but the accused kept slapping and attacking her.”

Senior inspector from Kopri police station, Sunita Kalbande, said, “The accused should not be let free else there are high chances that he will repeat this act. Thursday’s incident has already raised questions on women safety.

There should be more strict sections for people who not only abuse public servants, but also raise their hands on them. Such people should be sent back to the school and given lessons on how to behave or speak with a woman. The accused should be also given driving lessons.”

[source :-dnaindia]