How to Prevent Simple Electrical Fires During a Wiring Job

When most inexperienced technicians cut corners in order to complete wiring jobs, electrical fires typically happen. If you want to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and complete all jobs in a practical and efficient manner without causing electrical fires, there are a few steps that you must follow during every project.

Replace Old Accessories

Once your wires begin to develop tears on the housing, visit a local hardware store and buy replacements. When wires are torn or frayed, all of the electricity that’s usually contained underneath the housing can escape. If enough electricity flows out of a frayed cable that’s resting on a plush carpet, the heat could ignite a fire.

The plugs that are attached to cables can also impact overall safety in a work zone, so you should always replace old cables and cords that have chipped or bent metal prongs. If you try to use a damaged plug to power a tool, some electricity may project around the prongs, and this currents could start a fire near the outlet.

Don’t Modify Plugs

During some jobs, you may have to use extension cords in order to operate power tools outdoors. The problem is that some power tools have a three-prong plug. If you don’t have access to an adapter that converts a three-prong plug to a two-prong plug, you shouldn’t try to modify the power cord by remove one prong. This tactic is dangerous because the missing prong will impact how efficiently electricity transfers to the power tool.

Avoid Complicated Wiring Situations

The process of running wires requires precision and patience as electrical fires usually occur when people lay cords quickly and inefficiently. In residential environments, carpets ignite many fires because the fibers are flammable. As a result, you should never corner corners by running cords underneath carpets or large rugs.

By using these strategies, you’ll less likely start an electrical fire during a wiring job. If you need accessories that are specifically designed to hold and distribute electricity, click here and gather a variety of professional-grade wiring supplies.