Owning a Car Wash: Where To Start

You’ve done your research and you’ve made the decision: it is time to take the plunge and purchase that car wash business. Maybe this is your first investment in something this big, or maybe you’re expanding into a brand-new area. Regardless of where you’ve come from, you could use a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Consider Your Location Carefully

It’s likely that you’ve already thought about this one quite a bit, but it is worth mentioning here. Where you choose to place your business is vitally important, especially when it’s such a specialized kind of business. High traffic areas are always recommended, but don’t forget to ask other qualifying questions such as, “Is it near a college town?” or “What will the weather do to affect the location?” These are important things to consider when making your purchase.

  1. Complete Regular Maintenance

Unless you’re very handy, you’ll likely want someone else to handle your car wash maintenance. Be sure to find someone with a trusted reputation and knowledge of the different vendors and manufacturers. There’s no point in having a business that so heavily relies on automation if that machinery is constantly breaking down. It’s recommended that you have regular check-ups and inspections to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Preventative maintenance is the best maintenance.

  1. Provide an Experience for Your Customers

Having a catchy name or something special about your car wash will go a long way in earning repeat customers. Make it something fun for you and for those using your services, such as live music on-site, delicious coffee, or massage chairs in the waiting area. Making this an experience rather than a chore will keep people coming back again and again. After all, this is a business, but that’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it. Find that thing that makes you and your location unique and capitalize on it.

Owning a car wash can be extremely rewarding. By considering your location, keeping up with scheduled maintenance, and offering a unique experience, you can keep your clients coming back again and again.