Outdoor activities out of the door, students prefer cell phones

Gone are the days when students used to take a break from studies by going outdoors to play. Now-a-days, they relax by logging on to social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook and so on, according to city psychiatrists, who claim the practise is extremely unhealthy.

Earlier, when the children took a break from studies, they were found either in a garden or a playground, playing with their pets or friends, or walking with the family members. Today’s scenario, however, is different. Most of the children can be found glued to their cell phones, said psychiatrists. Parents are now complaining that their children are “addicted” to the social networking sites.

Psychiatrist Dr Rajendra Barve said, “I get several complaints from the parents that their children are addicted to the social networking sites. This is causing a lot of problems during the board examinations. The excuse is that they are discussing studies with their friends.”

Echoing Barve’s sentiments, JJ Hospital psychiatrist Dr Sagar Mundada said, “After long hours of study, the mind needs to relax. Engaging in social networking sites is an active mental activity, which results in further exhaustion. The mind is not rejuvenated, making it difficult for the students to grasp new concepts.”


[source :-dnaindia]