IN THE MIDST of this exhausting week in the news, many questions have been asked on this here internet: Are Bert and Ernie gay? Do we really need Space Jam 2? Is Rihanna really an ambassador of Barbados? The answer to all of these questions, dear friends, is yes. But there are other questions, and other topics, that require a little bit more focus, and that’s why we’re all here. Step right up to discover what the internet has been talking about over the past seven days.

After the Flood

What Happened: As if being hit by a hurricane isn’t enough, now the Carolinas have to deal with a passing presidential visit.

What Really Happened: When we left you last week, Hurricane Florence had just made landfall in the Carolinas, and even as it slowed to a tropical depression, it broughtdeath and destruction to the area. Flooding was widespread, and as rivers burst their banks and people started to wonder how best to help the recovery efforts and considered how well the forecasters had performed, it was time for one particular post-disaster tradition: The presidential response.

President Trump’s first attempt at a response was … well, Trumpian.We know what you’re thinking, but yes; you heard that right.Of course, that quickly became a thing, because of course itdid. But, you know, fine; sometimes people say stupid things. (Admittedly, those people aren’t usually the President of the United States, and even so, then you’d expect someone on his staff to step in and not release video of him saying said stupid thing on the internet but moving on.) Let’s go to North Carolina, where Trump was going to be briefed on hurricane relief and tour affected areas. Surely that couldn’t go that wrong, right?OK, so this doesn’t seem great either, but he’ll go on the tour and things will get better…

See? That was great, heartwarming stuff. (Well, ish, but still.)