Must needed competencies for Business analysts

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Competencies of Business analyst and management training program.

Business analyst, a person who continuously analyze the business from time to time for the best possible results. He checks all the future upcoming, pros and cons of a business and analyzes them to get maximum profits. A business analyst is of different types. It depends on the area of their specialization. Basically, there are four types of analysts that are:

Business developer– A Person that identifies organization business needs and opportunities

Business model analysis– A Person who decides the policies and the environment

Process design– Check all the workflows and maintain them

System analysis– He is the person who analyzes all things related to technology.

Business analysts work under different departments like finance, banking, insurance, utilities, software’s, telecoms, government and many more. But there are some Underlying competencies for a business analyst that he/she should have access during work. Because a business analyst is a person on whom work depends:

Technology awareness: BA should have proper knowledge about the technology prevailing the time. Though he may not be a technical analyst but he should possess some knowledge only then he will make the best use of it. He should know how IT services can help with derivate business needs.

Organizational: A business analyst should be organizational at work, because of organized work. Here from organizational, it means that personal and business organization both. HE should organize himself and companies work accordingly for the smooth functioning of the business.

Knowledge of Business: If you are a BA in some department like economics, finance, insurance, technology or so on you should have a knowledge of that business and organization. You should know about the solutions and things related to work. In a crisis situation, a BA has to be fully equipped with things.

Communication and leadership: Communication is the major part of any organization. If there is no proper communication work can’t be done properly. A person should know whom to report and whom to ask for things. There should be a proper pattern that needs to be followed. So, a BA should be proper in communication tasks to employees as well as top management. He should be clear. Leadership is a trait that every BA needs to possess. A good leader will make his team integrated and will get the best outcomes. He will guide and tell his team what to be done in a crisis. So, there should be leadership skills in Business Analyst.

Problem-solving and decision making: whenever an organization faces a crisis it is the duty of BA to get organization out of it. BA should be properly trained in the area of Problem Solving and crisis. He should know what decision to be made at times. He should be a proper analytical thinker and creative decision maker. He must know how to sail his boat out of storms.

There are different Business management courses that come for business analysts. They help a lot in training of an analyst. Some of the courses are Agile Business Analyst training, CBAP 9 certified business analyst professional certification training), Business analysis 101 training, CCBA prep course and so on.