Microsoft to launch first Nokia-less Lumia smartphone next week

Microsoft Lumia smartphone launch

Microsoft has announced it will unveil its first Lumia smartphone without the Nokia brand next brand. Also see: Best smartphones 2014.

In a brief post on the Nokia Conversations blog, Microsoft teased a new device with the tag line ‘want to see #morelumia’. The new Lumia smartphone will be unveiled on 11 November so there’s not long to wait. Read: Microsoft ditching the Nokia brand isn’t going to help Windows Phone.

“Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone,” said the firm.

There’s little given away by the post apart from the fact it seems to follow traditional Lumia design with a bright orange polycarbonate cover. There’s also a front facing camera but that’s hardly anything new.

What we do know is that this will be the first Lumia device which doesn’t have the Nokia logo anywhere to be seen. Microsoft has been launching Lumia smartphones such as the Lumia 930 and Lumia 735 with Nokia on the front and back but has been avoiding mentioning the name in press and marketing materials.

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Microsoft Lumia

It recently confirmed that the Nokia brand will only be used going forward for feature phones like the Nokia 130. The new brand name is Microsoft Lumia and the smartphones will come stamped with the Microsoft name (see above).

If you want to find out all the details of the first Microsoft Lumia smartphone including release date, price and specs, come back to this page on 11 November.