Know how to stay secure on social media!

Know how to stay secure on social media!

New Delhi: Nowadays, with the increasing use of Internet, many people have become avid social media users. Some of them have become so addicted that they often update and post every minute detail of their life on the social media. But we often tend to forget that social media is unsafe with the increasing cases of cyber crime. So, one should stay alert while enjoying their time surfing social media.

Here are some tips on how to stay secure on social media:

Strong password

One should always have a strong and tricky password which is easy to remember but difficult to decode. Don’t choose the easy password like date of birth or something but choose something which is uncommon. You can have a combination of numbers and alphabets as a password.


Always keep your personnel details intact and not disclose it on the social media platform. One must not share their phone number, address or email id with anyone on chat or private message.

Make pictures private

Make sure that the pictures and videos that you post on your social media maintains privacy and it is visible to certain friends only. These two are the most vulnerable as one can easily make a MMS out of it and upload it on the Internet.

Selective of your friend circle

Do not easily accept the friend request sent to you on social media even if it is from your mutual friends or people who are part of their social circle not necessarily their friends. Only accept the request only when you are cent per cent sure of knowing the person.

Choosy usernames

One should not keep easy username as it gives out very personal detail about you. Username should be unique and something not too personal.