Kickstarter Celebrates 100,000 Successfully Crowdfunded Projects

Kickstarter potato-salad guy is making good on his promise to throw a party.

It’s hard to believe that crowdfunding platform Kickstarter didn’t exist seven years ago, but it’s a testament to its usefulness that in that short time, over 100,000 projects have successfully reached their goals.

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Lucky number 100,000 was from Argentinian photographer Adriana Groisman, who raised over $50,000 to document the stories of veterans of the Falklands/Malvinas conflict of 1982.

The company celebrated the milestone with a list of 100 Kickstarter-related statistics. Don’t worry, it’s more interesting than it sounds.

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For instance, did you know that one creator has had 94 of his projects backed? Or that 15 Kickstarter-backed albums have been nominated for Grammy Awards, and 4 have won? Or that over 8,000 project creators have spent more money backing others than they have received themselves? There’s lots more where that came from, too.


[SOURCE :-nbcnews]