India is expected to reach 310 million gamers by 2021, says study

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The growing popularity of smartphone games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite is a huge leap forward in India’s gaming market. According to the recent research study conducted by JetSynthesys, a Pune-based digital entertainment company, India is expected to reach 310 million gamers in by 2021. The study took into account the gaming preferences of over 1,100 gamers belonging to various age groups and platforms.

Currently, India has 735 million Internet users, further indicating that 1 out of 2 Indians would have played a mobile game by 2021. The research also points out that gamers under the age of 24 accounts for a half of the gaming population of India. Out of the remaining half, the majority of gamers are under 36 years of age.

Notably, the majority of Indian gamers seem interested in playing games on a smartphone. According to statistics, smartphone gaming in India accounts for 59 per cent, followed by PC (23 per cent), console (10 per cent), VR (5 per cent) and AR (3 per cent).

 61 per cent of respondents said that game size doesn’t matter when it comes to downloading, while 22 per cent respondents were fine with games measuring over 200MB size. The study also notes that in the past, game developers were building games amounting to less than 50MB in size.The study also shows that the majority (61 per cent) of Indian gamers come to know about the games directly from app stores, followed by friends (14 per cent), YouTube (13 per cent), social adverts (6 per cent) and game adverts (3 per cent).