How to Hire Hardwood Floor Installer Or Floor Contractor?

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Getting flooring installation done like every trade in construction needs knowledge and experience. Most states like New York, California, Hawaii has a strict rules and restrictions. The contractor has to be licensed so as to conduct business as a wood floor installer and/or refinish hardwood floor. When you are searching for a professional floor installer,look for the licensed one andmake sure you check the status of his license. License can be active, suspended or may have many pending fines. All flooring contractors should be bonded, make it a point to check the status of the bond as well.

You should visit the nearby hardwood floor showrooms to get the idea what are the available choices. Do not forget that you will have to pick from a lot of different kinds of products, you should make yourself aware so that you have a basic idea. You should be well versed about eco-friendly floors as well, the most prevalent are bamboo and cork but there is a lot more.

You can look for licensed contractors in the local yellow pages, local classifieds newspaper; in Hawaii and California, there is entire section dedicated to them under the name- FLOOR. Determinethe punctuality of the floor contractor, if he shows up on time. Ask him about the recent projects, and references so you can call his clients. You will get an idea about his knowledge in absolutely no time and if you feel you can communicate with him. Do not forget that you are changing floor for the next 10 or maybe 20 years so take proper time and do not hold back yourself to ask a lot of questions. Explore all options you have as far as the species, hardness, and durability are concerned.

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