Here’s how to make sure your Facebook and Google accounts get deleted after you die

Deleting your online account from beyond the grave can be hard, you’re going to have to posses someone’s body, then get to a computer and god forbid the Internet connection is out. Well thankfully there are easier ways to get your online accounts deleted after you die… well some accounts anyway.


On Facebook you can delete your account after you die or set a legacy contact: Someone who can manage your account when you die.

Set it up: To set up a legacy contact, In Facebook go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact and then choose a friend or family member’s Facebook account.

To delete your account after you die, In Facebook go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact, then make sure you check the ‘Account Deletion’ box and then click ‘Delete After Death’. You will then have to enter your Facebook password (your account will be deleted once Facebook is notified of your passing.)



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Google has a neat tool called Inactive Account Manager that lets users decide what will happen to their Google account when it’s been inactive for a certain predefined period of time. What makes things convenient is that all accounts associated with your Google account like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and AdSense will also get axed.

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Set it up: Click here, you will see a “setup” button somewhere in the middle-left of the screen. You will need to provide Google with a working phone number for alerts and notifications. You will then have to choose a ‘time out’ period: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months or 18 months (If you have been inactive for the selected period of time then Google will send you a message before you account gets timed out). Next from ‘Optionally delete account’ turn on ‘Delete my account’. Finally, click ‘Enable’ to turn on Inactive Account Manager.


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