Google files trademark for Pigweed: A new operating system?

google logo G at ces 20201

Google is currently working on an operating system dubbed Fuchsia, but the plot may have thickened after the company filed a trademark for an operating platform dubbed Pigweed.

The Pigweed name was first spotted on the USPTO website by a redditor, and the filing describes it as being related to “computer operating software.”

9to5Google also spotted it in the Chromium code repository and in a proposed code change for the Fuchsia operating system. In the case of the latter, the name was subsequently changed from “pigweed” to “fuchsia.”

Google pigweed screenshot via 9to5Google.9to5Google

A screenshot from the name change (seen above) suggests that the developer responsible for using the “pigweed” name simply made a mistake. So this isn’t quite hard evidence that “pigweed” is tied to Fuchsia then.

Could it be a new name for Fuchsia? Is it related to Chromebooks? What about IoT devices? Unfortunately, we don’t know anything else about Pigweed for now aside from this name and these entries.