Easy Ways to Boost Recycling Efforts for Electronics

According to the environmental protection agency, electronic waste is a major problem in many cities. It also has a global impact as the United Nations has reported that waste around the world is growing at a rapid pace. The big benefit is that there are simple ways to reduce e-waste at landfills near neighborhoods and business districts.


Awareness is the key to decreasing e-waste. In most cities, homeowners and business owners don’t know what is considered as e-waste. This is why government officials should have workshops about e-waste. If everyone knows what e-waste is and where it goes, electronic waste piles will reduce at landfills because more people will implement procedures to get rid of their scraps properly.

Eliminate E-Waste Disposal

Leaders who set laws in cities should try to eliminate services that let locals transport electronic waste to landfills. When e-waste disposal services are banned, recycling services will spike. This type of policy is used to decrease electronic waste in over 15 states, and it could provide the same results in Canada and other countries.

Provide Convenient Disposal Services

When locals have convenient disposal options, they will try to help the environment. To make disposal steps simple, government officials must dedicate a plot of land specifically for e-waste recycling. Then, local waste management drivers should design routes for e-waste that’s placed on curbs near homes and businesses.

Work With Product Manufacturers

Many manufacturers have recycling programs for their products. This information is usually featured in the owner’s manual for each item. If more people take advantage of these programs, more products will be recycled, and less components will reach landfills.

These are just a few ways to reduce electronic waste. If you need to get rid of scraps in Canada, consider working with an IT equipment disposal Toronto company.