Choosing the Best Phone System for Your Business

There was a time when the only option available for a business phone system was a landline for a central office. While you can still choose a landline for your own business, there are other options available now that might be a better fit. Let’s go over a few of the options so you can decide what is best for your own business.


Landlines are still an option for businesses with a large central location, but they are slowly being phased out. They do work well if you’re looking for a traditional option that is largely hassle-free, but since they are being phased out you might have trouble finding a company who performs telephone systems repairs on landlines. You’re better off having your own company’s in-house IT department handle repairs. If you cannot afford something like this, you might want to consider another option.

Virtual Telephone Systems

A virtual telephone system connects a main business phone number to the mobile and home phones of remote workers. It’s a great option if you have several remote workers as employees or if you find yourself away from your office or home. The main drawback is that it isn’t a proper phone system, so any calls you or your staff receives will go through an existing network. This can cost you money if your employees need to make and receive several calls.

VOIP Systems

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Basically, it refers to a phone system that relies on your Internet connection instead of a landline. It’s usually less expensive than a landline, and it is likely to come with all kinds of neat bells and whistles, but it does require you to have a solid Internet connection. If your connection is spotty, you might find that this system is more trouble than it’s worth.

As you can see, each of these systems have their own pros and cons. If you have a large central location with a budget to match, a landline can still prove useful. If you don’t have a big budget but you have a solid Internet connection, a VOIP system might be best. If you have remote workers that need to stay available, a virtual phone system might be for you. Take a look at your own business and what you may need to make the best decision, and don’t hesitate to contact a company that specializes in installing business communication systems if you need any additional advice.