Bengaluru man’s photo makes its way to Apple ads

NEW DELHI: A photo clicked by Bengaluru-based photographer Ashish Parmar has been selected by Apple to be featured in the company’s advertisements. A candid shot of his wife, Raina Nanaiah, holding a diya in her hands has made it to the company’s billboards across the globe.

It all started on festival of lights Diwali in 2015, when Parmar took a random picture of his wife in a red saree with purple diya in her hands. He later posted the picture on Instagram with hashtag #ShotOniPhone6S.

Few days later, Parmar, who is a professional wildlife photographer, rec eived a call from technology giant Apple informing him that his picture has been selected for the company’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

Parmar told Indian Express, “They asked if I would like my wife’s photo ‘all over the world’. I was ecstatic. It was too good to be true, on both a personal and a professional level.”

The picture now adorns Apple billboards across the world.

The picture is reportedly one of the 53 photos shot with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus — that have been selected from across the world as part of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6S’ campaign. Parmar happens to be the only Indian to feature on the list.

[SOURCE :-timesofindia]