Android Q gets successfully rooted before a developer preview is even available

Android Q has barely been mentioned by Google publicly at this point, but we’ve already been hands-on and more with the next version of Android. Now, before even a developer preview hits the scene, one developer has already successfully rooted a build of Android Q.

John Wu, the developer behind Magisk, has already successfully managed to get Android Q rooted. Of course, this is still on the same leaked, not completed, and still buggy version of Q that’s been circulating the web for several weeks, but it’s still a pretty impressive turnaround.

Shown off on Twitter, we can see a split screenshot of Android Q which, on the left, shows the version number. On the right, it shows the Magisk app which verifies that the device is, in fact, rooted.

Wu says that he didn’t use a simple build.prop edit to achieve this screenshot, and the platform has in fact been rooted. Further, he explains that it would be “nearly impossible” for Google to break this root method before Android Q gets a developer preview or a proper release. He also mentions that the changes needed to Magisk are already in the repository.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter