NuAns is back with Neo Reloaded, but it’s Android-powered

Back in 2015, Japanese company NuAns showed off its Windows 10-powered Neo smartphone for the first time. It’s selling point was the TWOTONE interchangeable covers for its back. The phone debuted at CES 2016, post which the company announced its plans for the device’s global launch through a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign, however, failed.

Then earlier this month, it came to light that the company is coming back with a new version of the phone. And indeed, they are back, with a phone named Neo Reloaded. The key difference here is that the company has ditched Windows 10 Mobile in favor of Android (Nougat).

Spec-wise, the new device is powered by Snapdragon 625 SoC, and sports a 5.2-inch full-HD display. RAM is 3GB, and a 3,450mAh battery is there to keep the lights on. The handset features a fingerprint sensor, and the interchangeable covers functionality is there as well.

It carries a JPY 49,800 price tag (around $440). As for availability, it’s set to be launched on May 31, 2017.

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Hydrogen OS 3.0 for OnePlus 3 and 3T is now live

Chinese manufacturer OnePlus just released version 3.0 of its Hydrogen Android OS. This new version is based on Android 7.0 Nougat and some users have been reporting slightly better battery life, compared to the latest Nougat OxygenOS update.

H2OS 3.0 H2OS 3.0 H2OS 3.0 H2OS 3.0 H2OS 3.0
H2OS 3.0

If this is the first time you are hearing of Hydrogen OS or H2OS, it is more than understandable. It is the Android ROM OnePlus develops specifically for its local market. It features some UI differences to better suite local tastes and also lacks Google Play Services and the rest of the Google Apps package, since those don’t really work in China. The latter might very well be the reason why certain users have been reporting better battery endurance after flashing the eastern ROM.

Google Services running on H2OS 3.0 Google Services running on H2OS 3.0
Google Services running on H2OS 3.0

If you are already running H2OS on your OnePlus 3 or 3T, then the new version should be available as an OTA. OnePlus has been promising to merge the two branches for some time now, but no progress has been reported on the matter, yet. However, you can flash it on international units as well. The official OnePlus forum has the download links and there is an English language option for the UI. If you decide to mix things up and go for it, we suggest checking out this XDA thread as well. Also, if you do use Google services on your device, be sure to pick up a Gapps package to flash alongside the 1.2GB ROM. OnePlus has a version of the Google Play Store in the Hydrogen OS app store for an easy install as well.

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South China Sea: US carrier group begins ‘routine’ patrols

The USS Carl Vinson in the Pacific Ocean, 3 February

US aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson has started what it calls “routine operations” in the South China Sea, with a fleet of supporting warships.

The deployment comes days after China’s foreign ministry warned Washington against challenging Beijing’s sovereignty in the region.

China claims several contested shoals, islets and reefs in the area.

It has been constructing artificial islands with airstrips in the South China Sea for a number of years.

Image captionChina has built islands on reefs and, says a think tank, is building military facilities on some
  • Flying close to Beijing’s new islands
  • Why is the South China Sea contentious?
  • Images ‘show weapons built on islands’

The aircraft carrier was last in the South China Sea two years ago, for exercises with Malaysia’s navy and air force and has made 16 voyages to the region in its 35 years of US navy service.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis said during a recent trip to Japan that the Trump administration saw no need for “dramatic military moves” at the stage.

The statement appeared to repudiate comments on the subject from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who told senators during his confirmation hearings that China should be prevented from reaching the disputed islands.

On Wednesday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said: “We urge the US not to take any actions that challenge China’s sovereignty and security.”


Top 10 trending phones of week 7

Samsung reclaimed the top spot after 4 weeks of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 domination. The Galaxy J7 Prime was in second place last week, but in week 7 it rose to the top.

Second came the Galaxy C9 Pro, while the Galaxy A5 (2017) made is a clean Samsung sweep on the podium.

Moving down we see the Nokia 6, which continues to be a very interesting device despite being limited to a single market. The previous leader Redmi Note 4 has dropped to fifth, while its Snapdragon version fell off the chart entirely.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) comes in sixth, edging out the Oppo F1s and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

The final two spots on the prestigious chart are occupied by two phones that have been absent for a while – the Galaxy S7 edge and the Galaxy A7 (2017). This is clearly one of the best weeks Samsung has enjoyed in terms of interest.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

WAS: 2

specs gallery

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

WAS: 10

specs gallery

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

WAS: 4

specs review

Nokia 6
Nokia 6

WAS: 3

specs gallery

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

WAS: 1

specs review

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

WAS: 5

specs review

Oppo F1s
Oppo F1s

WAS: 6

specs review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

WAS: 7

specs review

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


specs review

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
RANK: 10


specs gallery

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Track World Cup: Neah Evans finishes 11th in Colombia

Neah Evans

Great Britain’s Neah Evans finished 11th in the scratch race at the Track Cycling World Cup in Colombia.

The 26-year-old Scot was making her World Cup debut for Great Britain’s cycling team in the race won by USA’s Sarah Hammer.

Evans is also part of the women’s team pursuit, alongside Emily Kay, Emily Nelson and Manon Lloyd.

The quartet qualified sixth fastest and will ride for bronze alongside New Zealand, Poland and Colombia on Sunday.


World still has reasons to be fearful

Unconventional: Donald Trump has shown little sign of moving to a Trump-lite presidency Photo: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

After his first month in office, nobody would claim that the new US president has suddenly become what might have traditionally been described as “presidential”. Supporters and opponents alike agree that he is governing in the unconventional style in which he campaigned.

  • GO TO

While that is largely true, not all of his most provocative promises have been fulfilled, and there has been some toning down of the rhetoric – not towards those whom he sees as his domestic opponents, but towards the rest of the world.

Most obviously, he did not launch a frontal economic assault on China by formally declaring it a “currency manipulator”, as he had promised to do on his first day in office. Nor have all of the consequences of his election been entirely negative for the rest of the world, Ireland included.

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Dan Vickerman’s death prompts emotional outpouring on social media

Dan Vickerman runs at Wallabies training

The rugby world was in shock after news of the 63-Test veteran’s death emerged on Sunday afternoon, with a number expressing their grief online.

Star fly half Quade Cooper said he was “shocked” but “grateful to have played alongside [Vickerman]” and offered his support to Vickerman’s wife and two children.

Cooper also called on others to check on the mental health of those around them.

 The All Blacks, against whom Vickerman played his final game for the Wallabies in 2011, put aside what in times like this seem like petty rivalries to express their sadness.Vickerman’s death came about two weeks after news that Springboks great Joost van der Westhuizen had died from a form of motor neurone disease at the age of 45.

And ex-Wallaby David Campese mourned the loss of “another great”.

‘Heaven has a strong right hand side’

Vickerman started his Super Rugby career with the Brumbies and played 33 games for them, some of which came alongside prop Ben Darwin, who sent a stream of mournful tweets on Sunday.

Rugby Union Players Association chief executive had earlier said “Dan was universally respected by his peers”.

And that was evident as former Wallaby Adam Freier succinctly tweeted his grief.And Australia’s players association posted on Instagram a photo of Vickerman and his beaming smile.


How To Stop Social Media From Taking Over Your Life

In this day and age, it’s hard to live a full life without logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every now and then. The problem is that they can become a huge waste of time.

Image: Screenshot

There are a couple of easy ways to prevent yourself from squandering hours looking at cat photos. Here’s how you can tighten up your social networking by several notches. There’s also one surefire way to prevent social media from ruining your life: delete everything. More on that in a second.

Turn off push notifications (or uninstall your mobile apps)

Image: Screenshot

You might be surprised at how much control you have over the notifications pushed out by the social media apps on your phone. Take Facebook, for example. Head to notification settings and you can turn alerts on or off for wall posts, comments, friend requests, photo tags, photo invitations, messages, and more.

The next time you’ve got five minutes spare at lunchtime, rather than aimlessly scrolling through your feeds, cut down on the notifications these apps are allowed to send, which should cut down on the number of times they pull you into their reach.

Image: Screenshot

You can adjust notifications at the system level too — on Android or iOS, head to Settings then tap Notifications to make changes to specific apps. The available options vary between the mobile OSes of Google and Apple, but you can silence notifications (if you still want to know when something happens) or turn them off altogether.

If you want to take a really drastic step then you can uninstall these apps from your phone, but that might be a step too far for some, especially if you get important messages through Facebook or Twitter.

Be ruthless with who you’re following

Image: Screenshot

Based on our experiences, severely limiting the number of people you follow on social media makes a real difference to how often you’re tempted to dip in and out of your feeds. If those feeds are updating much less regularly, you can leave them for a day or more without a nagging doubt that you’re missing out on something.

Every social network makes it easy to unfollow or unfriend people from the web or through the official apps, so take some time to cull your friends list every time you open up the app. On Twitter you can probably ditch a few celebrities and company accounts too and not notice any difference.

Image: Screenshot

There are various utilities around promising to help you mass unfollow a bunch of people at once but we’d be wary of connecting anything to your accounts that doesn’t come with a substantial user base or a personal recommendation from someone you trust.

Remember a lot of networks — from Twitter to Tumblr — come with very effective search tools, so you can always join in on the action if something new is happening online, whether it’s a political scandal or a new episode of Game of Thrones. You don’t necessarily have to be following huge numbers of people to stay involved.

Get alerts over email, not on your phone

Image: Screenshot

Despite the rise of the smartphone, email clings on as a means of communication method that pretty much everyone has access to. If you’re simply logging into your social media apps to see if anything’s happened, get email alerts instead, then you can simply glance over the highlights at the end of the day to check for anything vital.

For example, open up Facebook Settings on the web and click Edit next to Email under the Notifications heading. From here you can specify what type of email alerts you want (and unsubscribe from the ones you don’t). On the Twitter Settings page on the web, click Email notifications and you can configure alerts in a similar way.

Image: Screenshot

Of course this isn’t going to work for everyone. There’s not much point in switching to email alerts if you waste even more time browsing your inbox than you actually would on Facebook or Twitter. But it’s one way of making sure you’re not missing anything urgent, like a tweet from your favourite movie star, while you stay off the platforms in question. Just flick through your emails at the end of the day and if there’s nothing of note then you don’t need to hit any social media sites at all.

You can use the always-helpful IFTTT (If This Then That), too. It lets you create applets that activate when specific users tweet, or when you’re tagged in a photo, for example, so you can customise your alerts outside of Facebook and Twitter without having to log in and check for updates every fifteen minutes.

Don’t rely on willpower alone

Image: Screenshot

Judging by the number of applications and utilities around to help you limit your time on sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are a lot of people who feel it’s a problem. If you’re having trouble staying away from the pull of your social media feeds, then you can get help from a variety of sources.

Some of them are simple: TomatoTimer is a twist on the Pomodoro approach and splits your time into chunks so you can stay productive. Other options, such as StayFocusd for Chrome or LeechBlock for Firefox, let you specify certain sites you want to avoid at certain times. Of course you can easily uninstall these restrictions, but they might help you stay away from social media a little longer.

Image: Screenshot

Cold Turkey (free for basic use) and Freedom (which will cost you but offers a free trial) run at the desktop level on macOS and Windows to give you even more control over which sites you do and do not want to be able to visit, and at which times. We also like KeepMeOut!, which is basic but effective, and works in your web browser by replacing your regular social network bookmarks with newly guarded ones.

There will be plenty of you who can get by fine without a browser extension but some people will appreciate the extra help, even if it’s just in measuring the time devoted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest throughout the day. The good news is, when you do log back in, there’ll probably be a backlog of interesting stuff to check through.

For the Love of God: Delete Your Accounts

If all else fails, there’s one really easy step you can take to ensure that you’re no longer distracted by these sites: Delete your social media accounts. All of them.

The only issue with this route is that the social networks don’t make it easy to leave their services. The option is usually tucked away deep in the account settings. For example on Facebook, you’ll need to go to Settings > Security > Deactivate Your Account. On Twitter, visit to the Account Settings page. At the bottom you’ll see an option: Deactivate my account. Click the tiny link, and it should walk you through the deletion process. Then, throw your laptop or phone out of the highest window you can find and get back to living a normal, productive life.


  • It’s hard to live a full life without logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    I have never used Facebook. I stopped using Instagram when Facebook bought it, and I stopped twitter about 2 years ago when I saw how toxic it was.

    Are you saying I don’t live a full life David? because if you are I think you deserve calling out.


10 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

Credit: Pixabay

As important as it is to be on top of the latest new social media trends, it’s also equally important to be constantly cleansing your social media strategy from consistent mistakes. When you’re so “in the trenches” in your plan, it’s hard to notice the simple, but harmful mistakes your business might be making. So as we get deeper in 2017, here are 10 things you’ll want to stop doing before it’s too late.

  1. Cross Platform Auto Posts

A few years back when post scheduling and cross-platform post triggers first came out, they were all the buzz. These simple software platforms allow you to publish a piece of content on one social media platform and then auto-posts it to all the other social media networks for you. While this tool saves you time in the short run, it’s not an effective way to use social media.

People consume content differently across all social media platforms. What works on Twitter, won’t always work on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and so on. Republishing a post automatically on other accounts is lazy and shows you don’t understand that platform’s unique capabilities. Take the extra time and optimize your content for each individual platform.

  1. Stealing Content (Without Crediting)

If you are downloading memes or videos, or if you are straight up stealing posts for your social media outlets, it’s time to stop. Not only can this be very embarrassing if you are caught, but not asking for permission or not giving proper credit can lead you into a dangerous legal situation. There are stories everywhere of companies sued for copyright infringement of stock photos, or video theft. It’s better to not post at all than to post stolen content.

  1. Sharing Video Links On Facebook

It’s 2017 and Facebook video uploads have long since overtaken YouTube. While YouTube still has its benefits, overlooking the power of Facebook video content is a big mistake. Facebook users interact with videos uploaded to the platform at a much higher rate than with photo posts or even video link shares. So skip the link and upload directly to Facebook for maximum engagement.

  1. Over-hashtagging

Hashtagging too much looks spammy and desperate. If you are going to hashtag a post, use it tastefully and only on platforms that actually support the use of searching by hashtag. For example, on LinkedIn, you should be weary of using hashtags as they only appear as searchable on mobile. Also, be critical of the amount of potential traffic when using a hashtag. If it’s a trending topic on Twitter, then it may make sense to throw your two cents in by using the hashtag. However, if you’re tweeting #SaaS in an attempt to market your SaaS product, don’t expect a flood of traffic.

  1. Filming Vertically

This one is simple and yet so important. If you’re filming a marketing video for social media on your phone, make sure you hold the device horizontally. We’ve all seen the poorly made, shaky phone video with the black bars on the top and bottom of the video filling up half the screen. Don’t be that person.

Before you start your recording, make sure your phone is horizontal and in landscape photo/video mode. This is video-making 101. And while there are many hot new video marketing trends, rest assured the vertically filmed trade show testimonial is not one of them! Cut this out!

  1. Not Sharing Blog Content On Social

Social traffic, or website traffic that comes from your social media accounts, is a major part of Google’s search ranking algorithm. So seize every available opportunity to drive your Twitter followers and Facebook fans back to your website.

If you’re not sharing every article published on your website on your social media accounts, you are making a big mistake. Not only are you poorly distributing your blogs but also you aren’t truly doing proper search engine optimization. Share your blog content on social, and give viewers a reason to go to your site.

  1. No Social Media Sharing Buttons

Similarly, if your website doesn’t have buttons to quickly share pages back to social media, you also are missing out big time. Simply having a share button on your blog or webpage can increase your social traffic, and grow your digital clout. Add one for free today, or ping your web designer if you don’t have one!

  1. #CateringToYoungPeople.

Every brand under the sun is trying to “figure out” out how to effectively market to the “younger generation.” While youth marketing is a gray area for many, one common pitfall is going ‘out of brand’ in an attempt to cater to young people. This happens especially on Twitter.

A brand sees a hashtag or trending topic and thinks, “Wow, if I use this cool lingo, all those young kids will flock to buy my product.” A few “bae’s” and mannequin challenges later, you are officially a catering company. Not only will going out of brand irritate your main audience, but also most young people will see through it. Stay true to you and find more creative ways to market to youth audiences.

  1. Excessive Commenting And Liking Posts On LinkedIn

We all have that LinkedIn connection that doesn’t know that everything they “like” and “comment” on is publically broadcasted to their entire professional network. Or maybe they do, but they don’t care if their community sees them liking the bikini picture, arguing politics, solving math problems, and choosing their favorite logo four times a day.

The reality is that while LinkedIn is a valuable tool, it is also the easiest social network to annoy connections. People hate when others misuse Linkedin, and they hate being annoyed on the platform. So be careful what you “like,” and if you can’t be — hide your activity updates.

  1. Blindly Spending Ad Dollars

The last and most costly social media mistake is blindly spending ad dollars in an attempt to growth hack the system. Just because Facebook marketing is cheap doesn’t mean you should randomly shoot off boosted posts just to increase engagement.

Yes, engagement is great but spending social media ad dollars in the absence of a real strategy is just stupid and can seriously hurt your business. Lay the groundwork before putting dollars into social. Understand your goals, your audience, your content, have a specific purpose, and track the results of each ad you run. Don’t be careless!

So there you are. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Eliminate these simple mistakes and your audience will thank you!


Momentum Jharkhand takes social media by storm


With nearly 150 million impressions and a reach of 28.2 million on Twitter on February 16, Momentum Jharkhand took the social media by storm.

Momentum Jharkhand trended continuously for almost 7 hours on the inaugural day of the summit, which is unheard of even in trending campaigns in celebrity business, say experts from Ernst & Young India. #MomentumJharkhand at one point even trended over TED Talks with Shahrukh Khan.

Impressions on Twitter are the number of times your tweet is seen, while reach is the sum of all users mentioning your handle added to the sum of their followers. Momentum Jharkhand trended on Twitter from 10.30am to 8pm on February 16, breaking all records set by major investment summits, including Vibrant Gujarat, said officials from Ernst & Young India.

“The campaign received a tremendous response and also the support of the Union government. Tweets from the PMO and Union ministers added to the response,” said Amit Batra from EY India.

“Progressive Jharkhand” and “Invest in Jharkhand” also trended on Twitter.

Meanwhile, almost all important happenings at the summit were webcast live on Facebook, giving a push to the popularity of the summit on the social media space.On Twitter, #MomentumJharkhand trended for 7 hours at various slots, ranging from position 1 to 5, which is indicative of its outreach and engagement with Twitterati, a communique from the government said.

A particularly significant contribution of the campaign is the amount of positive content and stories generated in online space for Jharkhand business and investment environment, which will stay and will always contribute to any future investment lead campaigns, it added.

State plans its next Global Investors’ Summit in 2019-20. The maiden summit that concluded on Friday attracted investment proposals worth over Rs 3 lakh crore.

With the penetration of internet to villages, the social media plays an instrumental role in branding and advertising of any event, product or personality in India.

“Our campaign was a huge success on the social media. The overwhelming response lasted for hours,” said Sunil Barnwal, state IT secretary.